House Plant


Florist’s choice – Select your preference of small, medium or large and one of our florists will hand pick an appropriate plant, and finish with a gift wrap.
Most plants selected are medium to large growing, and all include care instructions.
Not all plants are available all the time.

Feel free to specify your plant preference in the notes and we will endeavor to ensure the best match.
Maiden Hair Fern
Blechnum Fern
String of Pearls (hanging)
Chain of Hearts (hanging)
Ficus Burgandy
Ficus Lyrata
Alocasia ‘Elephant’s Ear’
Burgandy Banana Palm
Monstera (Fruit Salad Plant)
Alocasia ‘Elephants Ear’ – Mature
Burgandy Banana Palm – Mature


Please note: Plants are not suitable for overnight courier service.

Due to the seasonal nature of flowers, the pictured product may not always be available. Another beautiful option will be substituted.

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